Welcome to Lakemont!

Make plans now to be a part of Lakemont Swim and Tennis Club this summer.  With newly resurfaced tennis and basketball courts and parking lot, facility improvements and upgrades, there’s never been a better time to join us at Lakemont.

For new members, we’re offering $50 off the new member initiation fee if paid in full by May 22. And existing Lakemont members get rewarded too. For each fully paid new membership you refer, get $50 off your dues in 2017.  

We would LOVE to have you at Lakemont.  We are friendly folks with a lot to offer. Come on over and check us out!

To download membership applications and to pay online, please visit the Membership page using the Membership link in the menu above.


We have an exciting vision for the future of Lakemont! For years to come, our children and their children can enjoy the Club we all love so much. No one knows better how great it is to bring their family to the same pool they grew up with than the Fanjoys. Tom and Jenny are always seen around the Club, lovingly watering the plantings by the entrance, mowing the grass, and between all that hard work of course enjoying the pool. They have been bringing their kids, Bella, Logan, Reese and Daisy, to the pool since they were little. Tom and his sister Elaine grew up visiting Lakemont with their family and friends. Tom’s mother is still a member today.

We want to continue to make much-needed repairs, renovations and restorations to the Club a reality over the next year so that the Fanjoy’s kids, and our kids too, can bring their families to Lakemont to continue our longstanding community tradition. The Restore for 50 More Campaign can help provide the funding needed to complete it all. The plan is to finance the majority of the projects, but we can’t reach our goal next year without help from our members.

Fred and Tracy Woodward have stepped up to provide a very generous $10,000.00 lead gift for the Campaign, and they encourage each of you to make a contribution! Families from around our community have been enjoying Lakemont for 52 years now. Please consider doing what you can to ensure our neighborhood Club can thrive for 50 more years.

Click here to download and print the donation form.